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With their inaugural season in 1977, it was evident the Seattle Mariners were destined for greatness as they finished the season with great attendance and high excitement throughout the Pacific Northwest. The team was named "Mariners" after the Pacific Northwest's world famous marina. The Mariners have played host to a number of great players over the years, including Hall of Fame pitchers Goose Gossage and Gaylord Perry. The Seattle Mariners currently play at Safeco Field, where they have played since 1999. The Mariners overall franchise accomplishments include three LCS appearances, three division titles, and one wild card selection.Read more about the Mariners...

Obtaining great seats at an Mariners baseball game has always proven to be a very difficult process, with many people settling for sub-par seating far away from the action - hardly worth even going to the game! We know you want to get down close and support the Mariners, and the tickets are out there, you just have to know where to look...
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It is possible to buy tickets via the official Seattle Mariners website and Ticketmaster, but good seats are extremely rare.

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Experience the atmosphere and excitement of watching the Seattle Mariners live at their beautiful Safeco Field at Seattle, Washington.

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After FedEx has promptly delivered your premium tickets to your door, simply follow these directions to Safeco Field and enjoy a wonderful day at the ballgame. Go Mariners!


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